Fedora Core 2 test 1 released

Fedora Core 2 test 1 released

Най-емоционалната обява за нов release, която съм виждал напоследък 🙂

Subject: Fedora Core 2 test release 1 now available!
Date: Thursday 12 February 2004 17:15
From: Bill Nottingham
To: fedora-announce-list

„Get off the stage, you old hack!“
„I only got 24 hours to hack, and I ain’t gonna waste it on this OS.“

Ah, but wait…


I hold in my hand, the release that determines whether hundreds of bugs live or die, this very evening!

In a moment, I will open the mirrors, leading to the release of this test OS!

Aimed directly at this release date are GNOME 2.5, KDE 3.2, and XFCE 4.0.3, our desktop triumvirate!

These desktops will be resting on the 2.6 kernel, trained to perform the most scalable of tasks in just milliseconds!

This software’s only hope of survival is our community’s crack team of developers… secured to their high speed network lines, they will descend to hack on this software, spinning a web of stability in less than 8 weeks!

Not good enough, you say?

Well, what if they were all BLINDFOLDED!

Ladies and gentlemen, may I suggest that those of you with weak constitutions leave the arena, for this act is so dangerous that if the slightest thing should go wrong…

kernel: Oops: 0000 [#1]

Yes, it’s time for the first test release of Fedora Core 2. This release is the first Fedora Core release to include the 2.6 kernel, GNOME 2.5, KDE 3.2, and XFCE. Testing of all of these areas would be appreciated, above and beyond any other testing.

As always, test releases are not intended for use on production environments. Use of test releases in production environments could lead to FLAMING DEATH!

Ех, май веч не стига да си хакер,
а нужно вече е да си поет 😉

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Йовко Ламбрев

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