Last night I noticed an automated email message in my mailbox from my blog software that somebody had posted several comments about Beatles, communism, etc. (but with links to some online poker site). Hm… the next blog spammer. Well, I have a filter for words like sex, casino, viagra, etc. but I haven’t had the word poker on the list. So, I added it and deleted all the three comments from this fuckin’ spammer immediately. He (or she) was manual spammer – stupid but dogged. I tracked him – some american home user with DSL and Windows 98 without any firewall… Darling!…

Well, I am a nice guy! I need to wait if he will be nice enough too… No, he didn’t stop – 4-5 new posts (awaiting moderation already) next half an hour. Hm… I’m a nice guy! I’ve already told it and I did something not so bad to his machine… but twice… I’ve told already that this was some stupid american. Only one reboot for him is not enough obviously. One hour after midnight I parked myself @ my bed.

This morning I found 13 new awaiting moderation comments… He is not just a stupid guy. He is an idiot…

Well, enough! I don’t need to buy a ticket to USA to kill some cretin next time when a new spam word appears. From now on I will review every comment here before make it public. No democracy! Democracy is for one much more clever world!

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  1. I usually delete their c:windows directory or something like that.


  2. I’ve always wondered what induces such people to act that way? If they have spare time to spend – why don’t they educate themselves or simply do something useful or creative, instead of spoiling a nice guy’s day (well, I’d say “night” in this particular case)? However, I’m not surprised at all that the spammer in question is American – I can imagine him standing in front of the computer, chewing happily a hotdog, a tin of coke in his hand and the evil smile on his face, evidencing his huge self-confidence…

    Deleting the c:\windows directory, as Georgi mentioned above, is simply not enough – these people are used to reinstall Windows twice or thrice a week and in principle their hard drives do not contain any useful data. This is a well established habit – a “piece of cake” for them. What he deserves is flashing the BIOS to prevent him to boot, so he must go to the “nearest technical support center” to fix it. Seems pretty “American” to me.
    I anticipate moderating every comment is not the most pleasant job for you, but generally it is a good idea – at least there is no other workable solution that comes to mind…


  3. This is probably a zombified PC, with a spambot somewhere behind it. Pretty much of this type of blog spambots novadays. (Check his PC for some open relay, and track further. If you find the real spammers, contact me for good ideas.)

    Warn the guy there what has happened, that his box is spamming around, and he should either secure it (read "this URL" on how to do that), or expect some angry guy who got enough spam from him to format his HDD, flash his BIOS, or install there some screen flasher that will cause him vertigo or trigger an epileptic attack every time he sits before the PC.

    Another nice possibility is him to meet finally some (Islamic fundamentalist) hacker interested in attacking NSA or the Pentagon, and will use his PC as a relay. Dear American, guess where FBI will arrive, and whom they will arrest and keep in prison, no bail allowed, for a couple of years while they investigate. Secure your PC for your own good, I warn you as a friend…


  4. Spam bot or not, the owner of the PC in question needs to suffer. The stupidity must be punished!


  5. The stupidity must be punished!

    Kill 'em all!


  6. Well, I found another simple solution… I will filter only comments with links. Plain text is welcome ;)


  7. I'd say Grigor is right – the "manual" home user you tracked is probably someone's hijacked pc. The guy probably suffers enough, so giving him more trouble won't do any good (and won't kick the right a$$). Well, actually by crashing his PC you will be doing him a favor, but this is another story.

    What you can do though (since you've already half way there) is to report him to his ISP (you can contact him as well, but then he might think you're a spammer). They might pay attention…


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