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Kill 'em all

Last night I noticed an automated email message in my mailbox from my blog software that somebody had posted several comments about Beatles, communism, etc. (but with links to some online poker site). Hm… the next blog spammer. Well, I have a filter for words like sex, casino, viagra, etc. but I haven’t had the word poker on the list. So, I added it and deleted all the three comments from this fuckin’ spammer immediately. He (or she) was manual spammer – stupid but dogged. I tracked him – some american home user with DSL and Windows 98 without any firewall… Darling!…

Well, I am a nice guy! I need to wait if he will be nice enough too… No, he didn’t stop – 4-5 new posts (awaiting moderation already) next half an hour. Hm… I’m a nice guy! I’ve already told it and I did something not so bad to his machine… but twice… I’ve told already that this was some stupid american. Only one reboot for him is not enough obviously. One hour after midnight I parked myself @ my bed.

This morning I found 13 new awaiting moderation comments… He is not just a stupid guy. He is an idiot…

Well, enough! I don’t need to buy a ticket to USA to kill some cretin next time when a new spam word appears. From now on I will review every comment here before make it public. No democracy! Democracy is for one much more clever world!

Йовко Ламбрев

Йовко Ламбрев

IT инженер, предприемач, блогър и фотограф от Пловдив. Съосновател на Trakia.Tech и сайта за независима журналистика „Тоест“. Вярва, че можем да направим света по-добър.

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Kill 'em all

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