Finally, as I mentioned before I decided to choose folderblog for my Simple Visions photoblog and I promised to publish my template modifications and extensions. The template is based on Elwing’s version of Relaxation theme for folderblog, so it is a derivative work. My WordPress theme is also based on Relaxation theme by John Wrana and I called it Moonlight Relax. So to be consistent with my style and my WordPress blog this new derivative theme for folderblog has the same name. The licence is GNU GPL because of Elwing’s decision. All JavaScript elements except snap.js are part of moo.fx and their license is MIT which had been chosen by the authors of the library. My custom script snap.js is also under MIT license. So you can freely download, use, change or redistribute this bundle or any part of it under the terms of both licenses accordingly.

The bundle has been tested with the latest folderblog 3 BETA 17 release only and you can download it here. You can use this software AS IS and without any warranty. I do not provide any kind of support if you don’t know how to use it together with folderblog or how to install templates for it.