My ThinkPad T22

Recently me and my old and loyal laptop parted good friends. It was Toshiba Tecra 8000 and we’d were inseparable friends for more than two years. Sad, but is hard to stay on PII/350MHz these days…

Now I have a second-hand ThinkPad. Searching for that perfect laptop for Linux? It’s IBM T22!

First I took the „Designed for MS Windows“ sticker off my ThinkPad and paste it on my wastebasket. I think it’s a great symbolic gesture. After that I started installation of Fedora Core 1. Everything is OK!

The 900MHz Pentium III is right up there and it is perfect and almost cold. The memory expansion is fairly standard for this class of notebook offering 128MB with one open expansion port. I am with another 128MB inside it already. The mobile Savage video chip is OK for me and works perfect. So, I will never play s’thing that want me to have at least GeForce2 Go. The sound is pretty standard with no faults. The location of the speakers seems like something that IBM should have considered a bit more as they are poorly placed on the front of the laptop angled down. Only the modem… well, it’s a WinModem and as most know, these are resource hogs since almost all the work is off-loaded to the CPU and they require large modules but it is Lucent 56k and it’s Linux friendly. Actually I have another 3Com PCMCIA modem but I don’t have plans for modems anymore… I hope 😉

Well, historically this is IBM’s first model with Linux pre-installed (and first Linux computer in the industry to ship with a fully licensed software DVD player actually). And it is perfect for the Linux enthusiast like me!

Long live IBM!

Йовко Ламбрев

Йовко Ламбрев

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