Simple Visions 2 template (for Pixelpost 1.6+)

Simple Visions 2 template (for Pixelpost 1.6+)

Well, as I wrote yesterday (in Bulgarian language), finally I decided to choose Pixelpost software for my Simple Visions photoblog. Folderblog is great but I don’t like one man show projects. Nevermind…

Pixelpost 1.6 has some new features which are great so I updated my Simple Visions template for Pixelpost with paged archives, tags support and better look and feel (incl. big screen resolutions). Simple Visions 2 is NOT compatible with any previous releases of Pixelpost below 1.6. If this is your case you can use ver. 0.1 instead but I will highly recommend upgrade to Pixelpost 1.6.

The new design template is open source, so you can freely download, use, change or redistribute this bundle or any part of it under the terms of Creative Commons Attribution license. You can use this software AS IS and without any warranty. I do not provide any kind of support if you don’t know how to use it together with Pixelpost or how to install such templates.

You can download Simple Visions 2 template here or here.

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