The Day 1

Hm… Welcome to my first daily weblog entry. I have never had a blog before… This is probably the fifth or sixth personal website that I have started but never a blog… Strange feelings… Seeing that the blog has become somewhat of a trendy thing to do on the internet, and considering I’ve wasted a lot of time meandering through other people’s lives this way, I thought it would be a neat idea to get my own going.

At 1998 when I started my first personal website I was too shy to share with anyone lots of private things and thoughts. I suppose that’s why the classic little diaries came with keys (which you could easily pick, though) to keep prying eyes away.

Nowadays, as permanent native resident of Internet, I always say, „I don’t have anything to hide“, which I believe to a great extent.

The problem, however, is that what is on your mind can always hurt other people. The reality of raw thought has a blinding and painful quality to it. We have to filter what comes out of our minds and mouths to protect other beings’ feelings. Self-censorship?! Stupid! So how to keep my feeling for freedom, my unimpaired freedom to write what I think?

Sometimes people even tend to take what you say and can possibly hurt you with your own thoughts by criticizing them! Hm…

Let’s see…