Last month in Elk Grove, a high-school student faced eight felony computer-theft charges for allegedly hacking into his school’s computer system and changing his grades. When police searched his home, they found aluminum-lined, cylindrical potato-chip containers that some hackers use as crude antennas to help them intercept wireless signals.

Known as „cantennas,“ they consist of a Pringles can and some hardware worth $5 to $10 but can be used to amplify a wireless signal several miles away.

„They’re unsophisticated but reliable, and it’s illegal to possess them,“ said Lozito of the Hi-Tech Crimes Task Force.

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  1. That place is becoming more and more of a police state by the day. And it’s not going to end well.


  2. If it goes to „an end“, it’s gonna be an end for all the mainkind, so let’s hope that will not be the case.

    Anyway, the mentioned bureaucracy sounds quite ridiculous!


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