Why I am writing here?

Well, I asked myself recently why I’m writing here? Soon my blog will have a birthday – one year after the first day. I am not sure but I think that I have a kind of answer…

The last time I checked, I do live in the real world. It is a world full of injustice and pain and suffering, along with joy and love and solidarity. It is also a world in which we must live with uncertainty, both moral and practical. I can never know with absolute certainty that what I believe will turn out to be right, or that the choices I make to act on those beliefs will be most effective.

I write because I hurt, and because I see others hurting. I write not because of who I am, but probably because of who I want to be. I write because sometimes I don’t know what else to do. I write not because I don’t understand what the “real” world is all about, but because I want to believe that we can make real another kind of world. I write to keep the world from melting in front of me…

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  1. I agree.
    And I am thankful to you bacause whan my blog will have its first birthday I will have already a written explanation why I am writing it :).
    But at the same time I hope that things will change and I will not have to quote "a world full of injustice and pain and suffering…etc.".

  2. Blogging was quite a strange idea when I first read about it. But as I started posting some thoughts and impressions, I saw there is a kind of attraction and maybe even addiction. Now reading blogs and posting comments is the second thing I do mornings after reading my emails.
    Any kind of experience and impressions sharing is a step forward to putting together the pieces of the puzzle called human nature.

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