Next week I’ll go to Zagreb. Monday afternoon will be my kick-off meeting on the IT architect training cycle. It was interesting for me to know that we have a training center at the Opera Zagreb hotel. Probably it is cheaper to hire a training rooms at five stars hotel compared to have own one.

Well, Croatia is wonderful country I heard… Ancient culture, artistic center, green parks, good cuisine… all this sounds very good. I’m almost sure that I’ll like Zagreb very much. One million people population – same size as Sofia. Maybe much more greener.

I’d never stayed at Sheraton chain hotels before. I am lucky – the only one available hotel at Zagreb is Sheraton, so I’ll try it.

I’m expecting to have a wonderful time @ Zagreb with a lot of friends – Igor from Russia will be there and of course Jurica and Vlatko from Croatia.

Vlatko, Jure… Are you sure enough about the quallity of the Croatian beer 😉

Osjecko Crno 1697 or Tomislav Pivo?

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  1. Well, you've already told me that my blog is for me first and my friends second! And I am completely agree… But recently almost 50% of my friends are not native bulgarian speakers. They are friends and I care.

    There are posts here which are much more useful like this one in English. So I will write some of the things in English, some of them in Bulgarian. My previous website was the same kind of mix…

    Well the language of the Net is English and at least it is good for me to improve mine 😉

  2. AFAIR: There are two widespread Croatian brands of lager beer: Karlovachko and Ozujsko ('zuja' as they call it) pivo. I still can't decide which one of these I like more… So you should try them both 😉
    From the not-so-widespread lager beers I suggest you give Velebitsko a try. While there you might want to try any of Slovenian's beers made by Lasko (Zlatorog comes to mind).

    Have fun there! 🙂

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